Wining and Dining

It can be difficult to make a corporate gift that will be truly appreciated, especially by a new client, whom you may not yet know well. Yet whether you want to show appreciation for your clients, your employees, if you are welcoming a foreigner, or if you are presenting a corporate event, wine is often the ideal corporate gift. Whatever your reason or occasion, wine is a luxurious, yet understated and subtle option; it is the gift that speaks of professional class and corporate comradery.

The world of wine appreciation goes hand-in-hand with business and the corporate world; and there are a number of great opportunities to successfully promote your business with customised merchandise. You could have some wine accessories, such as: decanters, foil-cutters, higher-end bar tools, books or videos branded with your company logo or business information to accompany bottles of gifted wine.

Choosing the right wine to gift can be as simple as asking your client if they have a preference. If you are planning to make many wine gifts, create a document that lists all your clients and their preferences. In the future, when you decide to gift the same client again, your knowledge of their favourite wine varieties will highlight your commitment to their business.

If you are choosing wine for a corporate event, consider the meal you are about to share with your employees or colleagues. If you know what is being prepared, read the article on Food and Wine Matching  for some inspiration. DAWINE also offers an easy-to-use pictorial guide for food pairing suggestions. You could also, for example, simply type ‘pork’ into the search box to see a selection of the wines best suited to pork dishes.

If you are still unsure which wine to choose, pick one red and one white variety. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are two varietals that pair well with most foods and palates, and Shiraz and Merlot are two red wines enjoyed by most.

When it comes to how much to spend, it is often better to choose a more unique bottle of wine, especially if you are gifting a high-value client. Your client may be a connoisseur and could be well aware of the wine’s value.

If you would like to make a more significant gift, wine hampers that pair a couple bottles with a selection of cheeses, crackers, chocolates or other gourmet snacks are a fantastic idea.

‘Wining and dining’ has long been a staple of the business world, but time is scarce, so what better way to make the connections you require and show your appreciation than by sending a corporate gift of wine? Keep a variety of your favourite wine in stock, so that you will always be prepared to give the perfect business gift.




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