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  1. You guarantee and warrent to always provide factual and up to date information to DAWINE
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By creating an account with DAWINE, you are allowing DAWINE and it's associated entities to store this information and carry out the DAWINE business.  We may acquire your personal information. Some of the ways your information is collected is covered below  :

1- Information provided to DAWINE on registration
2- Information related to your site visits and purchase history

3- Information related to your participation to DAWINE activities

You understand and agree that your personal information may be processed by following ways:

1 - We may collect and use your personal information in order to supply service to you  or execute the task  at your request. These includes process order, Market research and analysis, improving service and product of  our affiliate companies and DAWINE; Send advertisments and product information which depending on your interest and preference, DAWINE or DAWINE affiliated companies may market to you via email or SMS depending on these preferences.

2 - Our staff will contact you by phone or email in order to confirm below items sometimes:

a) Ensure our service or promotion document will be delivered to you in time and your information is accurate and newest.
b) To offer you other third party affiliated offerings
c) if your personal information is deemed to need update or adjustment in our database;
d) If you have changed your contact details.

3 - Your information will be held in strict confidence and not refer to third person or entity; except act in accordance with law or court order. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Please feel free to contact us by emailing service@dawine.com if you have any question about personal information process (including you have right to request delete your personal information ), we aim to answer all questions within 24hrs.


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