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"DAWINE - from Wine Makers to Wine Lovers”

Selling with DAWINE means your wine will be received, promoted and sold by two successful Australian businessmen, who have years of experience working in and around China, and are wine aficionados at heart.  DAWINE is the realisation of their dream to bring quality, international wine directly into China at a reasonable price.

We want to increase our sales portfolio, by working with wineries who are as keen as we are to build a solid and sought-after reputation amongst the Chinese wine-loving public.

DAWINE is currently breaking new ground by offering the Chinese market a slice of luxury they can rely on. Market research into Chinese demand for wine shows steady growth over the last few years, with exponential growth predicted for years to come. 

Unfortunately, the local Chinese wine market has shown evidence of tampering and buyers are not getting the quality or varieties of wine they are paying so dearly for. This situation is not only unfair to paying customers, but to the winemakers whose brand’s reputation is being tarnished in a burgeoning marketplace.  

DAWINE is based and operated out of Australia, where we source directly from the manufacturer, methodically store and carefully ship products to ensure quality has been controlled and maintained. We operate under a transparent Australian standard of business.

We at DAWINE think it’s time for China to experience and enjoy the quality wines that are easily available around the world. If you share the same vision, contact us to get your wines listed on our website. 

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