Our Storage

At DAWINE, we understand that correct wine storage is imperative to getting the best possible produce delivered straight to your door. 

Our founders are wine connoisseurs at heart and know well all the elements needed to preserve the contents of your special bottle.

Wine needs to be stored under dark, cool and relatively dry conditions, and we operate a temperature-and-humidity-controlled facility where all the wine is kept. 

Wine is delivered from the manufacturer, straight to our clean, orderly and rigorously-organised storage facility. The wine you purchase from DAWINE has been stored either vertically or horizontally (if preserved under cork) to avoid any unwanted oxidation. 

Finally, we have developed trusted partnerships with our couriers, so that they too share our commitment to careful storage and shipping of wine.

Read our article on wine cellaring if you would like to know more about how to properly store or cellar your wine.