The Perfect Gift

Wine makes for a very versatile gift that will be surely enjoyed. Whether you have been invited to a dinner party or an executive function, if you are attending a wedding or other celebration: wine is always a safe bet. 

When you gift wine, you are giving the gift of enjoyment. If it is a unique bottle, your gift may be a prized luxury that the recipient would not have normally bought for themselves. Gifting wine can also be a way of marking a special occasion that will be remembered later when the wine is opened. Your gift of wine could be the start of someone’s new appreciation for wine, or the first bottle in their future cellared collection.  There are, however, several things to consider when selecting wine as a gift: whom you are buying for, the type of occasion or celebration, the purpose of the gift, your budget and the recipient’s wine preferences. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect wine gift for any occasion. 

Housewarming or hostess gift:

A housewarming or hostess gift is often given when invited to a home for a meal or to stay.

If arriving for a dinner party, offer the gift of a moderately priced wine. Consider the meal you are about to share. If you know what is being prepared, read the article on Food and Wine Matching for some inspiration. DAWINE also offers an easy-to-use pictorial guide for food pairing suggestions. You could also, for example, simply type ‘pork’ into the search box to see a selection of the wines best suited to pork dishes.

If you are still unsure which wine to choose, pick one red and one white bottle. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are two varietals that pair well with most foods and palates, and Shiraz and Merlot are two red wines enjoyed by most. 

If you are going to someone’s home and the gift is intended as a token of appreciation, you can choose to give the wine unwrapped.

To mark a special occasion:

A bottle of sparkling wine or champagne is often associated with celebration. Even if not opened right away, the wine will store well vertically. 

When purchasing wine as a wedding gift, consider helping the couple begin their wine collection by giving several bottles each differing in variety and price range.

To really mark a special occasion, you could choose a wine from a vintage that is meaningful to both of you – for example: the year someone was born, the year they were married, or they year they graduated. 

Gift wrapping and other accessories: 

If the gift is for a wine connoisseur, you could present the bottle in a beautiful wooden, metal or even cardboard box, especially designed for wine bottles. For a more unique gift, you could choose a traditional wooden wine create. If you would rather keep it simple, you can use a wine bottle gift bag.  For a more elaborate gift, consider adding some accessories, such as: decanters, foil-cutters, higher-end bar tools, books or videos; as well as cheeses, crackers, chocolates or other gourmet snacks. You could wrap a selection of these in a gift basket together with your bottles of wine. 

Whatever your occasion, it’s prudent to keep a variety of wine in stock, so that you will always be prepared to give the perfect gift.




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