A DAWINE gift card is the perfect present to give to someone who loves their wines. Our gift cards come in different face values and can be purchased directly online.

How do they work?
Once you have purchased a gift card - the details will be sent via email and the gift card will be immediatly availble for use in our store. Simply use the gift card on check-out to apply the value of the gift card to the amount in the cart. If you don't use all your gift card up in a single spend - that's not a problem - you can use the gift card across multiple purchases.

Our gift cards have a long - 1 year expiry period - so there is plenty of time to use them and enjoy them.

Once you are logged in you can always check the balance of your gift card within your DAWINE user menu.

*Please note that as Gift cards are electronic products - as such we don't allow you to add gift cards and wine to the same shopping cart. You will need to make your Gift Card purchases seperate to your wine purchases.

There is no shipping fee on Gift Cards.

Unit Price: