Could a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away? by Piers Lewis

Dig a bit deeper for the benefits of drinking wine.[Read More]

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What wine do I bring to a dinner party? by Piers Lewis

If you’re daunted at the prospect of bringing wine to a dinner party – fear not! We at Dawine have some quick tips that will have you welcomed as a thoughtful and appreciative guest.[Read More]

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What's in a label? by Sylvia D.

Wine labels can tell you a lot about the wine you’re about to purchase, so understanding the information on the labels can be very useful.[Read More]

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Decoding wine terminology by Sylvia D.

The world of wine comes with its own set of seemingly complicated terms, but you don’t have to be an expert to understand the essentials. Here are our top 5 wine terms and their meanings to get you started.[Read More]

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Cellaring Wine - art form or common sense? by Piers Lewis

One of the first questions I ask when buying a red wine is: "How long will it cellar for?"[Read More]

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Uncorking the Rise of Screw Caps for High-Quality Wine by Sylvia D.

Uncorking the Rise of Screw Caps for High-Quality Wine[Read More]

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