Affiliate Program

Our vision at DAWINE is to open up the world of wine to the Chinese public in a way that has never been done before: uncompromised, international wine at affordable prices, delivered to the customer’s door. We are the trusted name in international wine purchasing and shipping within the Chinese market.

In 2016 we launched our Affiliate Program so that we could extend our reach in the wine market alongside those with innovative and complimentary ventures.

Perhaps you have created an app for lovers of wine, or have authored a successful wine-related blog, please contact us to discuss how our Affiliate Program works; it is also possible to develop an Affiliate Promotion Plan that suits your customers. "

Market research into Chinese demand for wine shows steady growth over the last few years, with exponential growth predicted for years to come. Traditionally, however, the local Chinese wine market has shown evidence of tampering and buyers were not getting the quality or varieties of wine they were paying so dearly for.

DAWINE has responded to the call for reliable and affordable wine in China: We are based and operate out of Australia, where we source, store and ship products to ensure quality has been controlled and maintained. We operate under a transparent Australian standard of business. 

We are passionate about bringing “quality, authentic, affordable” wines to Chinese wine lovers from the best and most professional wine makers around the world. If you share the same vision, please contact us to join our Affiliate Program and connect your users with a reliable and affordable wine merchant.

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