About Dawine

DAWINE officialy launched in China June 2017 at the Beijing National Indoor Stadium. DAWINE thanks the National Indoor Stadium, Yang Lin Ping president of National Stadium, Yang Bo Ran from Austrade and Tina Tien for the amazing event and location and looks forward to future collaboration with the National Indoor Stadium.

Video from the even was broadcast in China on various networks and a sample can be seen from Le TV.

The DAWINE event was also covered by numerous media agencies in China such as SoHu.com

DAWINE offers an exclusive wine experience, focused on bringing quality, genuine wines from around the world to you.

DAWINE was founded on the core principles that a good bottle of wine must be of “Quality, authenticity and affordability”. These are the values we look for when choosing a bottle of wine for ourselves and for our loved ones.

We want to see you enjoy the same best quality and value for money; hence, we have carefully selected the wines presented on DAWINE through our long standing and personal relationships with wine makers from some of the world's best wine regions (including France, Australia, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Argentina).

Due to the unique relationship we have with the winemakers, these deals presented on DAWINE are often exclusive to the Chinese market and only available in limited lot quantities.

At DAWINE, we are passionate about sharing the stories that each of these winemakers and the wines have to tell.  Wine and winemaking is complex and intriguing with the people behind the wines having a direct influence on every glass that you drink.

Each wine has a story; we would love for you to be part of it.

With our passion, experience and commitment DAWINE brings you, the wine lovers, beautiful wines to enjoy, share and celebrate, with everyone you love and in every moment you cherish. 

Yours sincerely,

Piers Lewis and Norman Lip